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An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
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Our Products
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bullet list Pre-Printed Barcode Labels
bullet list Product Labels
bullet list Holograme Labels
bullet list Pharma Labels
bullet list Computer Labels
bullet list Void & Self Destructible Labels
bullet list A4 Dye Cut Sheets
bullet list Barcode Printers
bullet list Billing Printers
bullet list Barcode Scanners
bullet list Thermal Transfer Ribbon
bullet list Label Printing Machines & Die Cutting Machine
bullet list Flexographic Printing Solution

Our Clients

Retail Sector
Imagine a technology that could immensely reduce the time it takes a retailer to measure inventory, one that could provide accurate information about a single item as it moves from manufacturing through a store and then on to post sales support. Imagine one that could finally fully automate checkout, freeing store personnel to provide increased of customer support.
We have the solutions starting from the point of manufacturing to point of sale (POS). The retail business is driven by the availability of accurate and reliable information on time. The automate Data Collection Technologies - Bar coding, Mobile Computing, WLAN and RFID empower the retail business to meet these critical needs of real time availability of information.

Solutions in Retail

bullet list Point of Sale - Make Checkout quick & easy
bullet list Q -Busting - Save customer time & achieve up-sell & cross sell
bullet list Price management - Improve accuracy of pricing and customer satisfaction
bullet list Supply Chain
bullet list Warehouse Management
bullet list Direct store Deliveries
bullet list Inventory Management
  Increase Supply Chain efficiencies & reduce shrinkages
bullet list Price Checking - Empower customer to get accurate pricing before they pay
bullet list Self Shopping - Appreciate customer’s loyalty, allow customer flexibility and save time
Be it tracking of consignments or managing it within the warehouse operations, use of barcodes, wireless and RFID technologies always help in bringing higher information availability, reducing errors, reducing wrong shipments thus increasing efficiency and adding immensely to your customer satisfaction.

Solutions in Logistics

bullet list Warehouse / Inventory Management (3PL)
bullet list Consignment Tracking
bullet list Automated packet/parcel pick up and delivery
bullet list Shipping & Dispatch of consignments
bullet list Automated search in warehouse
bullet list Location management in hub
bullet list Fleet Management
bullet list Container Yard Management


bullet list Tracking and updating the consignment/shipment status in real time(GPRS)
bullet list Reduce errors considerably
bullet list Better optimize the consignment routing
bullet list Increase the efficiency in operations and reduce the time lag considerably thus decreasing operational costs
bullet list With the use of our automated applications you ensure right consignment delivered at right time, adding immensely to customer satisfaction
Manufacturing Sector
Our competency to develop high-end yet affordable Enterprise Mobility Solutions has made us one of the leading service providers of AIDC solutions for the Automobile Industry.

Plant Production Facility

bullet list Export (SKD/CKD) Warehouse Management
bullet list SPD Warehouse Management
bullet list FG Warehouse / Yard Management
bullet list Plant Production Facility
bullet list Production
bullet list GRN Automation
bullet list Tools & Maintenance
bullet list Milk Run
bullet list MES
bullet list Quality Inspection
bullet list Distribution


bullet list Barcode identification on Spare Parts
bullet list Barcode / RFID identifications on RM / Handling Units


bullet list Vehicle Sale Tracking vis-à-vis service coupons tracking with sold Bike Engine No.

Service Centers

bullet list Maintenance Repair and Overall (MRO)
bullet list Job Card Management
bullet list Service Coupons Claims
Stringent pharma quality standards have made it imperative for businesses in pharmaceutical companies to have accurate and real time information of all the manufacturing and distribution processes. BCIL has designed and developed solutions which help you in ensuring accurate formulations, trace and track batch and date of manufacture to establish the pedigree, ensure FMFO, provide visibility to inventory and distribution all along the complete supply chain to ensure highest quality and meeting of all standards laid down by statutory authorities.

Solutions in Pharmaceuticals

bullet list Warehouse management
bullet list Work in process and formulations
bullet list Batch and expiry date tracking
bullet list Sales force automation


bullet list Our Pharma products and solution & services will help you in tracking the material movement throughout the operation stages.
bullet list Use of Bar coding & mobility devices enables you to get real time and accurate data with a seamless integration with the ERP giving 100% visibility in supply chain thus enabling faster management decisions.
bullet list All our solutions help in achieving compliance to the statutory FDA standards.
FMCG & Consumer Durables  
FMCG industry has some of the most complex and demanding supply chain. Our solutions help you achieve visibility of your supply chain and sales in real time thus giving you accurate and real time information for reacting to market demands effectively and efficiently, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and profits.

Solutions for FMCG

bullet list Warehouse Automation
bullet list WIP Solution
bullet list Quality Inspection
bullet list Sales Force Automation
bullet list Field Asset Tracking (Sales Generating Assets)
bullet list Reusable Asset/ Handling Unit Tracking (Pallet/Crate/Bin)
bullet list Tools Tracking
bullet list Asset Tracking
bullet list Kiosk Solutions (Loyalty Applications/Retail Informative Kiosk)
bullet list Enterprise Wireless LAN Solution
bullet list Vehicle Traffic Management in Premises


bullet list Gives you accurate and real time information on Inventory
bullet list Enhances the visibility of demand and order booking in real time by the retailers
bullet list Helps you tremendously in practicing FIFO/FMFO
bullet list Enable you to increase operational efficiencies across the supply chain and control shrinkages
bullet list Eliminates the possibility of wrong shipments
bullet list Easier tracing and tracking for strict quality and warranty controls
bullet list Helps you offer increased customer satisfaction to your clients
bullet list Greater visibility of your sales generating assets
Government Sector
Government is a strong market vertical for us at BCIL. We help our Government clients, with our custom built applications, to make knowledgeable decisions and improve their services.

Solutions for Government

bullet list Asset Tracing and Tracking
bullet list MRO Tracing and Tracking
bullet list Supply Chain Process Automation
bullet list Vehicle Traffic Management
bullet list Document/File Tracing and Tracking
bullet list Toll Application
bullet list Border Check Post Solutions

Government Departments we provide services to include

bullet list Defense
bullet list Railways
bullet list PDS/Civil Supplies
bullet list Postal Services
bullet list Healthcare
bullet list Road Development Corporation
bullet list Excise and Taxation
bullet list Education
bullet list Environment and Forest
bullet list Agriculture
bullet list Energy and Power
bullet list Oil and Gas
bullet list Steel and Metallurgy
Healthcare Industry
AIDC technologies can improve the efficiency and the quality of medical facilities delivered in hospitals. We help in connecting the patients to a doctor on the move, facilitating them in scanning patient information, making test results available immediately and reducing the risk of human error in the lab. Our Healthcare solutions are designed to enhance safety and operational performance at all levels/stages of the healthcare cycle, ensuring that you benefit from the most reliable, state-of-the-art technology, that improves patient safety, minimizes errors, reduces accidental deaths, addresses nurse shortage, increases productivity by serving more patients, thus meeting higher expectations for care and ensures compliance with competitive and regulatory influences. Not only that, it also differentiates hospitals on quality of care, ability to meet reporting requirements and compliance mandates which encourages medical tourism.

Solutions in Healthcare

bullet list Patient identification
bullet list Bedside patient care
bullet list Remote patient care
bullet list Blood bags tracking
bullet list Patient sample tracking
bullet list Asset management
bullet list Warehouse and inventory management


bullet list Positive patient identification and validation of therapy/ treatment
bullet list Eliminate errors in medication administration and blood transfusion made by nurses/doctors
bullet list Accurate specimen collection and identification
bullet list Reduction of errors in patient billings
bullet list Tracking and tracing of hospital assets
bullet list First-in-first-out (FIFO) to minimize product obsolescence and maximize the validity of drugs and other miscellaneous items
bullet list Improvement in control over stock, warehousing and distribution of drugs/ blood samples
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